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Some may argue that Darren was destined to become a filmmaker from the very start – after all, he was born in Hollywood. Although, others might contest that Hollywood, Florida, doesn't quite measure up to its Californian counterpart in terms of cinematic glitz and glamour. Regardless of the Hollywood in question, filmmaking has consistently been Darren's true passion. Whether it was bonding with his dad over classic films on Saturday mornings or seizing every school project as an opportunity to bring out his video camera, nothing brought him more joy than the world of movies.


Imagine his surprise when, as a freshman at the University of Florida, Darren discovered that filmmaking could evolve from just a hobby into an actual career. From that point onward, he eagerly immersed himself in every aspect of production. Darren took on roles such as a technical director for the daily PBS newscast, a DJ for the university's radio station, and, true to his Gator spirit, worked on the field during various UF sporting events. Additionally, he served as a head writer and executive producer for a student-run production organization, winning "Best Comedy Script" at the 2016 National Broadcasting Society convention with one of his scripts.


Wanting to grow more as a filmmaker, Darren loaded up his car and drove across the country to Los Angeles in 2017 to pursue his M.F.A. in Film and Television Production at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. At USC, he continued refining his skills in directing, writing, and editing, always with a focus on comedy. Darren served as a director for a multi-camera sitcom pilot, three live sketch comedy shows, and multiple short comedy films. Additionally, he served as an assistant director for various projects, including a Greek language film shot in Cyprus.


Darren's time at USC culminated in the creation of his thesis film, "Time Again," a short time-travel comedy. “Time Again” is currently on the festival circuit, having been screened at festivals worldwide. 


Today, Darren calls Los Angeles home, where he spends his time writing screenplays, directing comedy sketches, and navigating the traffic.

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